How your company benefits from LAWSUIT FINANCING

Anyone who wishes to seek justice and file a claim needs financial resources. In many cases, high value claims, as well as the additional costs for expert opinions, have a deterrent effect on the claim being tried at all. A business needs its liquid resources in its business activity, not in lawsuits, which could possibly not be successful.

The result: it will not be claimed and gives up on the legal claim for damages. This is exactly where CREDITALE is concerned: We finance, according to individual evaluation, both court costs as well as legal fees and expert costs to 100%.

Minimise cost risk

Antitrust damages compensation lawsuits are very cost intensive. Through the collaboration with CREDITALE, your business is fully exempt from cost risk.

Save liquidity

Liquidity and profitability are key performance indicators of your company. Being imminently short on funds can be a threat for businesses. Through the financing of your damages compensation lawsuit with CREDITALE your liquidity is free of court costs, legal fees and expert costs. 

Avoid provisions

As soon as a claim from a business is considered and tried, the cost risk is to be displayed in the balance sheet through provisions. This can lead to negative balance sheet effects and put a lasting strain on the business.


Lawsuit financing with CREDITALE makes you independent. We save not only your liquid resources but also relieve you from the search for specialised solicitors and experts through our partner network. 


CREDITALE brings together business, legal and financial experience. Through these excellent specialist skills we ensure the best chances of the successful enforcement of a damages lawsuit. 

Creditale Service

We support our customers comprehensively and transparently. CREDITALE gives support to companies from the start to finish of the enforcement of claims for damages. Our team keeps a close eye on the development of your lawsuit and also looks at the developments in the overall antitrust proceedings. 


CREDITALE works in a transparent, efficient and highly effective manner. Our partner network consists of legal firms, experts and financial service providers specialised in antitrust law. Through this, we ensure the highest possible chances of enforcing your rights while at the same time assuming your financial risk.


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